To accommodate clients’ on-premise AX requirements, AgileCadence has partnered with Dell to provide Hyper-V clusters based around Storage Spaces Direct (S2D).

S2D can scale from a small 2 node cluster up to 16 servers and over 400 drives, for up to 1 petabyte (1,000 terabytes) of storage per cluster. To scale out, simply add drives or add more servers; Storage Spaces Direct will automatically onboard new drives and begin using them. Storage efficiency and performance improve predictably at scale.

We have recently worked with a large client to provision an S2D hardware platform using Dell’s R740XD servers. This may just possibly be the first S2D deployment in the UK on the new generation hardware from Dell, and we were very happy with the performance with around 578,000 IOPs during testing on a 2-node setup. All that with consistent, low latency thanks to its hypervisor-embedded architecture, its built-in read/write cache, and support for cutting-edge NVMe drives mounted directly on the PCIe bus. Quorum for the cluster is provided via an Azure Cloud Witness which is simple to setup, uses standard publicly available Microsoft Azure Storage and does not require a third node. Overall, the result is a very low cost platform that will provide lightning fast performance for your AX system, as well as being future-ready for your transition to D365FO.

When pushing the boundaries with new technologies the relationship between AgileCadence and Dell is key to ensuring we deliver for our clients.

The team at AgileCadence has a wealth of experience and can cater for all your requirements around AX / D365FO based on an on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructure.

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