Do you cycle to work? Thought about it but put off by busy roads? The weather? Perhaps you don’t have access to a shower at work? No more excuses. UK Cycle to Work Day is the day to give it a go…

15 August is UK Cycle to Work Day, it’s the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event. Every year since 2012 thousands of enthusiastic riders have hit the streets to celebrate everyday cycling.  The event has the simple aim of trying to get as many people as possible to try commuting by bike.

More people commuting to work on their bike is a good thing. It’s good for individuals because it makes them healthier and wealthier. It’s good for employers, because regular cycle commuters don’t get stuck in traffic jams and take less time off sick. More cyclists means more demand for cycling facilities, such as lockers, showers and cycle parking, plus fewer cars to contend with on the road. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Around 27 million Brits have access to a bike. It doesn’t have to be flash, just make sure you’ve had it serviced so it’s safe. Speaking of safety, British Cycling has created a great series of short videos called ‘Commute Smart‘  that give advice on staying safe when you’re on your bike. The first video ‘The basics of commuting by bike’ is below, it highlights 7 top tips for travelling by bicycle. From the best position to hold on the road, to the importance of being aware of your surrounding, and why you shouldn’t run a red light. This video is packed full of straightforward advice and is perfect for anyone in the saddle, not just those who cycle to work.



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