Need a managed service?

We are industry leaders in providing Managed Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Finance and Operations (MSDyn365FO) customers. We work with a huge range of businesses across various industries.

Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX performance ensures that you get the very best technical support around.
The support we give you and your team means you’re free to doing what you do best – running your business.

We are proud that our customers use us to guarantee peace of mind, for brilliant performance, and for cost savings.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is…

This is pretty significant: in addition to our full Managed Service we are offering a
Monitor and Alert Managed Service that undercuts pretty much any provider in the AX community.
We’ve spent a long time developing a centralised model so you can benefit from an outstanding Managed Service,
at an extremely competitive price point.

We know that our Monitor and Alert Managed Service offering will save you time and money. Let’s give you an idea of the saving
you can make. Use the calculator below to estimate how much our services will cost.

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Over the last 3 years we have been aligning the company to be able to fill a gap we believe causes a great cost within implementations whilst providing a patchy and issue driven service.

This is driven predominantly through resource restrictions in the global market for AX expertise and also due to supply and demand the high cost of experts in the contracting and partner space.

AgileCadence aims to be the catalyst for change, to bring down the cost of your technical project requirements and return budget to your main business goals.

We’re Here For You – Your Help Desk


AgileCadence provides a 24/7 Help Desk, this may be used for all IT related issues and queries. Issues can be logged via the Help desk, email or even phone. We have a 24 x 365 contact telephone number which you can use to log an issue directly with one of our team. If you prefer you can email us or log into your personal help desk and log your problem. We actively assign incidents to the correct groups based on the issue described and can provide full reporting on the SLA and service provided.

Priority Definition Response Time SLA Options
CRITICAL (P1) Complete degradation – all users and critical functions affected. Service completely unavailable 30 minutes As per SLA package
HIGH (P2) Significant degradation – large number of users and critical functions affected. 2 hours As per SLA package
MEDIUM (P3) Limited degradation – limited number of users or functions affected. Business process can continue 4 hours As per SLA package
LOW (P4) Small degradation – few users or one user affected. Business process can continue 8 hours As per SLA package
*Response times are based on SLA Package and raised ticket stamp time


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