Microsoft Dynamics AX Performance – The Key to Success

The organisation has spent millions on organisational change, lift and shift of key infrastructure and services, invested heavily in consultancy and development to focus the line of business application to be exactly what is required.

It hurts even more when you’ve done such a good job and the performance or perceived performance of your investment simply doesn’t meet the demand.

Let us help you realise the true performance of AX with our tailored offering.

Why AgileCadence Performance Metrics

Because of the experience and way we manage our business, performance is one of the primary drivers. How do we manage this?
  • Alerting
  • Tried and tested KPI’s
  • Automated first hand resolution for key performance issues
  • Baked in monitoring to all managed systems
  • Weekly / Real-time Reporting via Cloud Dashboards
  • Complex management and support tier
  • Performance resolutions are rolled out across all customers, just like a code hotfix

Here are some of the great features AgileCadence has to offer

Dynamics AX Domain Knowledge

With years of expertise in Dynamics AX since version 3 of the product, the team has first-hand knowledge of how the systems operate under normal loads and can therefore pinpoint extremely quickly performance hotspots.

Dynamics Perf

It’s built-in to what we do. The 360 view of AX covers the entire stack, however the use of Dynamics Perf SQL and Performance Counters is implemented as standard

Standard Tooling

We have designed a way of monitoring and providing performance visibility to our customers which requires little or no investment from a software procurement standpoint. It is simply built-in to the AgileCadence offering.

Cross Cloud Capability

Whether Public, Private or Hybrid based infrastructure and services, we have the ability to treat all as the same and use centralised systems to manage the entire estate.

Bringing it all together

AgileCadence is focused on AX from a technical perspective, this keeps us focused and experts. In terms of performance, as a customer this gives you:

  • Application Lifecycle Management – full end to end process and capabilities that are performance baselined throughout the lifetime of the product
  • DevOps – Practices to make your infrastructure and software more predictable. Find an issue and rollout change easily via configuration templates
  • Near real time monitoring – Cross platform, cross cloud monitoring
  • Automation capabilities to manage out of hours performance glitches

With AgileCadence looking after your Dynamics AX systems, you have a partner in which you can trust. You also gain from cross knowledge pollination. We can roll out new updates across all instances easily as they are found.