With the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2018 in Seattle less than two weeks away, both James and myself are looking forward to our trip. The summit sold out several weeks ago so it’s going to be a full-house, however for anyone interested in an event closer to home the PowerShell Conference Europe 2018 still has space.



The event is going to kick-of on Sunday night with a mixer to have a couple of drinks with everyone, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet lots of other PowerShell fans. The summit is being held next door to the Microsoft PowerShell offices, so lots of opportunities to rub shoulders with the inner PowerShell team. We’ll need to make sure the night doesn’t get too merry because there’s an early start on Monday morning for registration, followed by a Keynote speech from Don Jones, then a session from Mr PowerShell himself, Jeffery Snover (the creator of PowerShell).

After these initial sessions, a four day plethora of PowerShell activities will breakout. At any one point there will be several sessions running simultaneously, including guest speaker presentations, breakout sessions, open space discussions, working groups and lightning demos. With so much happening there are going to be some hard choices to make, there’s nothing we want to miss!



We still haven’t finalised our agenda for the trip, and I suspect our schedule will be fluid depending on who we speak to and see, however there a couple of key speakers and topics that have caught our eye:

  • Jason Helmick has recorded some the best training material we’ve seen, and with security being high on everyone’s priority, his session on ‘Just Enough Admin’ is going to be a definite
  • Lee Holmes’ session on ‘Defending against PowerShell attacks’
  • Don Jones, a Pillar of the PowerShell community, is another speaker we are keen to see

‘Desired State Configuration’ (DSC) is PowerShell’s answer to installing, configuring and managing you server estate. This will be a hot topic and I’m sure we will catch several of the sessions covering it. Also, since we have recently started a project that will use ‘Octopus Deploy’, I suspect Josh Duffney’s session on ‘Application Provisioning with DSC and Octopus Deploy’ will be of interest.



The PowerShell and DevOps Summit will close with the Iron Scripter competition. Those of you following the AgileCadence blog will appreciate that the amount of activity going on in the company at the moment hasn’t left much time to prepare. However, we do have a long flight ahead of us, so all 10 prequel puzzles have been downloaded onto our laptops for on-flight entertainment. We’ve chosen the ‘Battle Faction’ which is about producing rough and ready code, instead of the flawless functions that the other factions will produce. I spend my working days following best practice, writing verbose functions with formatting and commenting, so I’m looking forward to the doing something a bit different. These puzzles will need to be solved with the least number of lines possible, and using all the shortcut’s offered by PowerShell that I wouldn’t include in formal functions.



I’ll be doing a post-summit update to let you know all the best bits and anything important we pick up. Keep an eye on the AgileCadence blog or our company page on LinkedIn for more news on the Summit. If you’re going to be there please get in touch on LinkedIn!