The team at AgileCadence are a mixed bunch, but one there’s one thing we all have in common; we’ve all got children, and we all struggle to fit in exercise around the daily juggle of work and family commitments.


We all know that exercise has massive physical benefits, but what we are very aware of at AgileCadence is that exercise also contributes to productivity at work. In fact we recently wrote a blog post on this very subject, so head on over if you want to find out more.


With all this in mind, getting our staff out on a bike, off for a run, or stretching their legs on their lunch break is very much part of the company culture. But we all know exercise is easier when you’ve got a goal. Which is why we’ve entered a team for The Illuminator.


AgileCadence Team Challenge…

The Illuminator Night Trail Race is Scotland’s toughest night half marathon. 15 dark miles over rugged hill trails with just  your head torch (and some very enthusiastic and colourful race marshals) lighting the way. The event is set in the very beautiful Glen Tanar Estate, on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park, amongst the spectacular ancient Scots pine forest. Held annually, it raises much needed funds for the Braemar Mountain Rescue Team. At 15 miles it’s technically a bit longer than a half marathon, and with 600 metres of ascent this is going to be a real challenge.


Thankfully the event isn’t until the end of October 2018, so we’ve got 6 months to train. For some of the team it will be a massive achievement to get to the finish, whether running or walking, while others will be chasing PBs. We have a whole range of fitness levels from a mum of three who has just returned to jogging after a 6 year break, to a dad with a new-born who used to run Ultras and wants to get back to it.


15 miles in the dark, up and down hills, sounds like a pretty tough challenge. And that’s exactly what it will be. Some of us are pretty terrified at the prospect, while others can’t wait to get at it. But the AgileCadence Team are all determined to get to the finish and to have plenty of fun along the way, come rain, wind or snow (let’s face it this is Scotland in October, anything’s possible).


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