The Main Headlines from Microsoft Ignite 2018: Security

Microsoft Ignite is one of the biggest events in the IT industry, and this year it was jam-packed full of sessions covering everything from security to artificial intelligence. For those of you who didn’t make it to Orlando, Miles Cameron, our Ops Manager at AgileCadence, has summed up the key theme to emerge from the event: Security.


Security and Server 2019

There’s no doubt that security was a recurring theme at this year’s Microsoft Ignite. Security was a major part of recent announcements around Server 2019, which also had its general availability release announced at Ignite. Server 2019 is available for download now and is also available in the Azure Marketplace.


Server 2019 brings with it the following security enhancements:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is now enabled for Server 2019. Windows Defender ATP is built in to Server 2019 which allows agentless, cloud managed, deep analysis of the security of the server. It also allows for automation to remediate or act upon any threats identified.


  • Defender Exploit Guard (EG). Defender EG is a set of host intrusion prevention capabilities – most of which require the use of Windows Defender.


  • Shielded VMs for Linux. Shielded VMs have been available for the Windows OS for some time and the capability has been extended to the Linux OS. This will provide protection around the VMs data and the Hyper-V host.


And don’t miss…

In addition to the exciting updates around Server 2019, the following areas received a lot of focus:

  • Password-less logins. This also got a big mention at last year’s Ignite and is still very much a focus for now and the future. This use of Windows Hello and the Authenticator app are seen as key enablers for this to move forward.


  • Microsoft Threat Protection. A unified approach to SecOps and announced at this years Ignite, this is essentially a coming together of several services that that are already available. You can find a good overview here.


  • Microsoft Secure Score. There have been several improvements to the Secure Score board since its release and this got a mention in the keynote speech. Secure Score is a dynamic report card that assesses Microsoft 365 customer environments and makes recommendations with the goal of reducing possible breaches.


If all this has whet your appetite then take a look at the huge number of sessions that are available to watch online AND you can even pre-register for Microsoft Ignite 2019. We’re already on the list! Perhaps we’ll see you there.


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