Are you confident that you’re running the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX? Are your systems running at a snail’s pace and you can’t quite figure out what’s going on? The answer could be simpler than you think…

Last week we were talking to a client who was adamant they were using the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Turned out they weren’t. And not only that, the version they were working with had had a number of years of missed updates. Now that might not sound like a big deal, but out-of-date software can have a huge impact on your whole business in terms of:

  • Functionality and efficiency
  • Security
  • Cost

While you can get away with skipping some application version upgrades, you should make sure you are as current as possible. By running outdated or unsupported versions, at best you’re slowing down your systems, and at worst jeopardising your business. It’s simply not worth the risk.


How do I know what version I’m using?

To find out what version you’re using, click the Help icon in the upper-right corner of any page in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and then click About Microsoft Dynamics AX. This will tell you what version you’re using.


Now, let’s get you up to date…

Now you know which version you’re on, visit Microsoft’s Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers. You’ll be able to find your version number and compare it with the most recent update. If you’re working with anything other than the most recent version then we highly recommend updating.


If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 you won’t have to worry about minor updates and revisions as Microsoft have implemented a new approach that automatically  installs the most current versions. You will however have to plan for major updates as it could take your system down for a significant amount of time.


If you don’t want to invest in continuing to support AX 2009 or AX 2012 systems and want to focus on D365 for Finance and Operations,  give us a call. We offer a subscription based service so you don’t have to commit to a long contract.